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Nails Services

Acrylic Fullset (Natural Tips)                  $25

Acrylic Fullset (White Tips)                    $25

Acrylic Fullset (Pear Tips)                      $30

Acrylic Fullset (Color Tips)                     $35

Acrylic Fullset (Design Tips)                    $35

Acrylic Refill    (All Tips)                       $15

Gel Liquid Fill                                     $35

Pink Fill  (Pink and White)                       $20

Back Fill (Pink and White)                       $35

Full Set (Solar Pink)                              $35

Full Set  (Pink and White)                       $45

Gel Liquid Full Set                                $45

Shellac Color On Fullset and Fill                 $15

Shellac French On Fullset and Fill               $20

Gel on top of Acrylic nails                        $5

Design On Acrylic nails                            $5 for 2 nails and $10 for fullset



Full Set On Toes nails                             $40

Fill On Toes Nails                                  $30

Shellac Color on Toes                               $20

Shellac French on Toes                             $25

Design On Toes                                     $5 for 2 toes nails and $10 for fullset